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Menswear legend Todd Snyder has teamed up with Converse for a limited edition line of clothing and footwear that combines a preppy flair with modern streetwear sensibilities. The Rebel Prep collection includes the Parka, a raincoat made with water-repellant British Mellarian waxed canvas; the Velour Rugby, a long sleeve polo in velour; and more. The collaboration was made in honor of legendary badminton superstar Jack Purcell, whose name is now synonymous with the low-top athletic canvas sneakers he sported. Todd Snyder redesigned the Converse Jack Purcell shoes with water-resistant British Millerain waxed canvas and an all-over camo colorway.

Like with most things Todd Snyder does, this collaboration comes together thanks to small details and excellent execution. Restrained logo placement and a cohesive theme combine to offer clean, traditional, and distinctly British-inspired clothing. The sneakers and several pieces of the collection have already sold out so you’ll want to act fast if you want to get your hands on these limited-edition preppy garments and accessories. We’ve got out eyes on that parka in the British Millerian khaki.


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