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If you’re a regular in the great outdoors and you oftentimes put yourself at risk, a smartwatch might not save your bacon. You also probably don’t want to carry around a big, fat satellite phone or pay the price to own one. The new O-BOY Satellite Rescue Watch doesn’t rely on a cellular network but communicates via satellite in emergency situations (no texting, buddy). The large fixed bezel and easy-to-read dial under tough gorilla glass are purely utilitarian and rightfully so. It can manage dust, water, and shock, so it can take on just about anything you throw at it and still communicate when things get bad. It’s also tough to accidentally dial. Press the large orange button five times to activate the GetMe function that sends your coordinates to four pre-selected contacts. Press the same button eight times to engage RescueMe and the closest emergency services get the alert. If you hold the button down for ten full seconds, it provides tracking. The O-BOY is just the kind of peace of mind you need when all else fails. It’s up on Kickstarter now.

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