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Hiking sneakers like the Tokyo Design Studio x New Balance R_C4 are here to stay with plenty of new, even better options constantly being released. Case in point: the New Balance x Tokyo Design Studio x Snow Peak Sneakers you see here. Despite the fact New Balance teamed up with Tokyo Design Studio in the past, it kind of seems like a fever dream to add Snow Peak to the mix, but the initial results are incredibly promising. In addition to pairing a bunch of seemingly disparate brands together, this sneaker pairs a bunch of disparate styles into a 3-in-1 style you can wear in a number of situations. Pair the New Balance MT801 sole with a lightweight mule-colored booty that can be inserted into a slip-on ripstop nylon clog with zip-up front and ultra-cushioned midsole (that’s version 2, for the record) and finally, you have the option to swap out that smaller booty in favor of a taller–and completely waterproof–option that locks into the clog with a zipper. This versatile setup is built for damn near everything–even if you just want a great pair of slippers to wear around the house.

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