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Hiking sneakers like the Tokyo Design Studio x New Balance R_C4 are here to stay with plenty of new, even better options constantly being released. Case in point: the New Balance x Tokyo Design Studio x Snow Peak Sneakers you see here. Despite the fact New Balance teamed up with Tokyo Design Studio in the past, it kind of seems like a fever dream to add Snow Peak to the mix, but the initial results are incredibly promising. In addition to pairing a bunch of seemingly disparate brands together, this sneaker pairs a bunch of disparate styles into a 3-in-1 style you can wear in a number of situations. Pair the New Balance MT801 sole with a lightweight mule-colored booty that can be inserted into a slip-on ripstop nylon clog with zip-up front and ultra-cushioned midsole (that’s version 2, for the record) and finally, you have the option to swap out that smaller booty in favor of a taller–and completely waterproof–option that locks into the clog with a zipper. This versatile setup is built for damn near everything–even if you just want a great pair of slippers to wear around the house.


When it comes to most headphones, they don’t sound anywhere near as good as they look. That’s not the case with the unique  RØDE NTH-100 headphones. The culmination of decades of passion, immersion and innovation in audio technology, the NTH-100s ensure you hear precisely what you want and zero other sounds. Combine that exceptional sonic performance and unmatched durability with top-of-the-line comfort–they’re built with an adjustable headband and ergonomic ear cup shape with cooling cushions–and you have the recipe for headphones you’ll never take off. Your search for the perfect headphones is over. Get your RØDE NTH-100s today.