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What do you do after a long day of hiking, exploring and adventuring when you’re finally ready to relax in front of the fire? You pour yourself a glass of something strong, bust out the marshmallows or the Jiffy Pop and change out of your boots or shoes into something more comfortable so you can rest your barking dogs. That last part is where the New Balance CRVN Moc come in. Part sneaker and part booty, CRVNs fit tightly around your foot to lock in warmth and protection along with being cushioned throughout to allow for a soft ride. They’re also built with a DWR-coating for water resistance and a tractioned rubber outsole to you you on your feet. It’s kind of a like a puffy jacket with a sole for your feet. The New Balance CRVN Mocs are available from Huckberry in a black on black or yellow on black colorway.


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