With the perfect mix of sharp, classic style, nostalgia and value reflected in workwear, there’s good reason the chore coat went from vintage clothing trend to universal staple. It’s continued to be adopted and adapted by many brands because it’s versatile and functional while easily transitioning from daily activities throughout the seasons. These are our favorite chore coats for this fall.


Everlane Chore Shirt Jacket

Everlane is one of our favorite clothing manufacturers because they value transparency as high as much as the quality they demand. 100% cotton construction. Sustainable construction. Combination of patch and flap pockets. Three great colors. For this price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option.


Lee Heritage Sherpa Lined Chore Coat

Lee has been making high-quality, durable denim workwear for over a century. Honestly, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Their Heritage Sherpa Lined Chore Coat combines their classic and durable denim exterior with a fluffy, warm interior that will keep you toasty even in the most frigid conditions.


United By Blue Flannel-Lined Hooded Chore Coat

United by Blue has always impressed with their attention to detail and desire to create the most sustainable, ethically-produced clothing on the market. That’s where this Flannel-Lined Hooded Chore Coat comes in. It checks all the UBB boxes–including helping clean the waterways and oceans–while still being warm, stylish, well-made and built to last for multiple seasons.


J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Slim-Fit Chore Blazer in Cotton-Linen

Leave it to J.Crew and their stylish Wallace & Barnes sub-brand to take the chore coat workwear staple and combine it with a classic blazer to create a new garment that expertly blends everyday style, form, function and comfort.


Bridge & Burn Unlined Amos Dark Oak Chore Coat

Portland, Oregon based Bridge & Burn is all about taking their Pacific Northwest-inspired wardrobe staples and bringing them to the rest of the world. Case in point–this Bridge & Burn Unlined Amos Dark Oak Chore Coat. Made with the color of firewood and whiskey barrels and designed for longevity, this coat combines classic construction ideals with modern manufacturing methods to create something that’s comfy, sturdy and stylish.


Jungmaven Olympic Jacket

When Jungmaven set out to create their version of the classic French Work Coat, they ended up with the Olympic Jacket–a three pocket, heavy weight cotton twill, button down jacket built to be universally stylish. Whether you’re wearing one of the 16 different color options as a shirt or a jacket, this Jungmaven option will not disappoint.


Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket in Charcoal Wool

Traditional Chore Coats are all about durability and the ability to tackle multiple seasons / climates with more than enough pockets for all of your tools and gear. The Taylor Stich Ojai Jacket has all the durability, pockets and space you’ve come to expect, but the 12oz wool construction makes it much more suited to keep you warm and stylish in the colder months.


Mister Freedom Conductor Jacket - NOS Hickory

Mister Freedom makes the kind of clothes that vintage dreams are made of. The holy grail of wardrobe pieces most of us mortals would seek out forever with no end in sight. Unless, of course, you want an old school chore coat made with 100% vintage, new old stock lightweight twill fabric (conductor style, if you will) and available in multiple sizes.


M.Crow Chore Coat

M. Crow & Co. is a 107 year old general store in Oregon that would go on to inform the design decisions Tyler Hays makes to this day after purchasing the store almost a decade ago. One of the best examples of the blending of vintage style and modern ideals is the M.Crow Chore Coat you see here. 100% ripstop cotton, boxy fit with roomy front pockets, hidden chest pocket, corozo buttons–this jacket has everything you need to carry it all and look good in the process.


Evan Kinori Three Pocket Jacket - Wide Wale Cotton Corduroy

Evan Kinori’s love, respect and dedication to textiles & craft is abundantly clear in each and every inch of this beautifully constructed and hand-numbered work of wearable art. Cut from dark navy wide wale corduroy woven in Italy and constructed with french seams, engineer cuffs and angled waist pockets, this chore coat is all things high fashion with a workwear vibe.


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