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  • adidas-Craig-Green-ZX-2K-Phormar-II-Collapsible-Sneakers
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The last time we checked in with adidas and London-born designer Craig Green it was for their collaborative Kontuur I Sneakers that expertly blended unique textures and styles to create a truly memorable pair of kicks. Their latest collab is an all together different shoe built with those same ideals. The adidas Craig Green ZX 2K Phormar II Collapsible Sneakers is based on the popular ZX silhouette and sits on a ZK 2K outsole, but that’s where the similarities end. This shoe is made with a soft, collapsible upper that is outfitted with a super-thin speed lacing system and tension cords on the eyestay, collar and heel that allow the shoe to have an adjustable and personalized fit unlike anything we’ve seen in sneakers before. The adidas Craig Green ZX 2K Phormar II Collapsible Sneakers are slated for release on Thursday, February 25th.


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