Make this the summer you step out of your stylistic comfort zone. Instead of only considering shirts in shades and patterns you’re comfortable with, give one of those “I could never pull that off” shirts a try. You’ll have a shirt that feels fresh, garners you attention, and looks better than you (probably) thought it would. Here are a handful of our favorites. These are 6 Summer Shirts That Don’t Give a F*ck.


RRL Rayon Camp Shirt

Ralph Lauren’s RRL label includes pieces inspired by the American West. Mixed in with the sun-faded flannels and worn denim is this Rayon Camp Shirt, which features playful images of iconic Southwestern things. It’s lightweight, cut a tad loose, and finished with a camp collar and two patch breast pockets. No dusty cowboy boots required, just some confidence.


Topman Red and White Hawaiian Print Short Sleeve Shirt

This is not the Hawaiian shirt you wore to that luau-themed kegger in college. This is not the baggy, colorful version of yore. This modern Hawaiian shirt from Topman is tailored and a tad less in your face. The shirt, which is cut a bit slimmer than traditional Hawaiian shirts, pairs perfectly with some fitted shorts or a pair of dark denim jeans. It possess the same relaxed, carefree feel as the Hawaiian shirts worn on the islands, but it also has a more refined vibe that makes it suitable for a night out.


Saturdays Esquina Palm Print Shirt

Leaf prints have enjoyed a moment for a short while now and it’s high time you got on board. Saturdays can help with their Esquina Palm Print Shirt, which boasts a relaxed fit so it looks good paired with jeans or shorts and a pair of flip flops. Complete with a button-down collar and an open chest pocket, the shirt transitions from poolside to belly up at the bar with ease.


Blue Blue Japan Mt Fuji Printed Linen Shirt

Blue Blue Japan does one thing: indigo. Luckily, they do that one thing very, very well. Take for example this Mt Fuji Printed Linen Shirt, which is indigo-dyed with an abstract motif inspired by swaying bamboo. While the pattern seems a bit wild, the basic colors make it easier to pull off than you might think. Plus, thanks to the lightweight yet durable linen used, it’s the perfect summer shirt to keep you feeling cool.


Gitman Vintage Tang Archive Print Reversed Camp Shirt

Gitman Vintage makes an array of awesome button-downs. Each of them requires 50 steps and 80 minutes to craft. You can go basic if you want, but we like to check out the unique patterns they seem to always offer. One of our favorites is this Tang Archive Camp Shirt, which pairs perfectly with some dark denim and a pair of all-white sneakers. Made in the USA out of cotton, the short-sleeve shirt is cut a bit slimmer for a more refined yet relaxed look. Think dad on vacation—if dad was Don Draper.


Faherty Pao Pao Bay Hawaiian Shirt

If you truly don’t give a fuck, this is the summer shirt for you. It’s bold. It commands attention. It doesn’t play nice with wallflowers. From the summer-friendly label Faherty, the Pao Pao Bay Hawaiian Shirt is the playful Hawaiian shirt you’ve always wanted to try your hand at but never have. The print is laden with different island scenes, finished with natural coconut buttons, and features double needle reinforced seams, which make it more durable than anything at a gift shop in Hawaii. Besides, confidence is more attractive than any particular pattern, and this shirt shows you’ve got it in spades.

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