Whether you hop a subway to an office building, set up shop at your local coffee spot, or rack up airline miles traveling from meeting to meeting, you’re going to need a good bag to toss your paperwork and necessities in. Gone are the days when a man’s only option was a clunky briefcase. For toting your work gear, we recommend these bags.


Best Made Service Brief

This recent release from Best Made blends the style of a briefcase and a messenger bag into one attractive package. After working closely with an Italian tannery to source cowhide that would stand up to the rigors of everyday use, Best Made cut, sewed, and finished The Service Brief with brass hardware right here in the USA. The interior boasts an olive twill lining unafraid of sharp laptop edges and pen tips. The stunning leather will develop a beautiful patina over time. Not only does it look good, but it’s built to stand up to being tossed in taxi cabs and onto desktops for years to come.


HP Powerup Backpack

When carefully selected, a backpack can totally work as an office bag. If you commute by bike, or just want your hands free, a clean, simple backpack can be totally appropriate for the corporate world. Not only does HP’s new Powerup Backpack look the part, but it’s decked out with features you’ll love. It can charge your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. It has a built-in heat sensor to monitor temperature and adjust accordingly. It’s coated to stand up to rain and even comes with its own raincoat. Yeah, it’s a little more than your standard JanSport.


Mission Workshop The Transit Laptop Bag

If you’re a city dweller, you know a rainy day can make your commute miserable. You don’t have the luxury of hoping in a car and pulling up to your office’s front doors. Give yourself a little peace of mind with The Transit laptop bag from Mission Workshop. Besides offering enough space for your laptop, portfolio, and assorted work and travel gear, the sleek all black bag is completely weatherproof and ready for all conditions. It even offers attachment points if your mode of transportation is a bicycle.


Tanner Goods Everyday Tote

The tote has become the go-to bag as of late for a variety of tasks. If you want to use one for your work, however, don’t go with something that looks more suited for carrying groceries. Go with this. This recent release from Tanner Goods is engineered to original Swiss military specifications, so it’s designed to be extremely durable. Instead of cotton, the material is actually woven from flax and nettle fibers before being coated with a durable water repellent. This is the first time such a fabric has been used since it was discontinued by the Swiss military in the ‘70s. Good enough for the battlefield means it’s good enough for your pens and notebooks.


Aer Duffel Pack

The Aer Duffel Pack is not your average backpack. In fact, it’s not even your average bag. Besides boasting a modern aesthetic that makes it suitable for the workplace, the Aer Duffel Pack is loaded with well-thought-out niceties. Hit the gym right after the workday? There’s a ventilated shoe compartment so your office supplies don’t get funked up from your trainers. Like to haphazardly toss your work bag around? The Aer Duffel Pack is made from 1680D ballistic nylon, which was originally designed to protect military members from shrapnel. Don’t want to always wear a backpack? You’ve got a side and top handle. And really, this is all just scratching the surface of why this bag is so stellar.


Filson Weatherproof Leather Original Briefcase

A Filson briefcase is timeless. It says you’re a mature member of the workforce, not some schlub simply trying to get a paycheck so he can buy a 6-pack and some new sweats (even if that is the case. Here, that Filson classic has been updated to create something even better than the original. Filson took their iconic briefcase and decked it out in a proprietary boot-grade leather that’s weather- and salt water-resistant. Yup, not only can this thing stand up to Mother Nature, but that boot-grade leather can deal with a UFC-level beating. Couple that with its good looks, solid brass hardware, and plethora of pockets, and you have the last work bag you’ll ever need to buy.


Colfax Design Works SDP_01

If you do any work in the field, or any work that takes you out of the office frequently, you’ll be glad you dropped the cash for this bag from Colfax Design Works. Their Standard Issue Daypack (SDP_01) is designed for conditions much worse than your AC-cooled office. Made in the USA with advanced weatherproof Cordura fabric, mil-spec webbing and components, and moisture-wicking mil-spec air mesh, the backpack will keep your laptop, electronics, and work gear safe no matter where your day takes you.


Herschel Supply Co. Britannia Briefcase

Herschel Supply Co. is known for their colorful, casual backpacks that, if we’re being honest, don’t exactly scream “professional.” But if you’re a fan of the brand and the price of their bags, this is the work number for you. The Britannia Briefcase keeps a bit of the relaxed vibe the brand’s backpacks are known for but tosses in enough of a sophisticated feel to make it suitable for your office. The technical weave suitcase even transforms into a backpack if that’s more your speed.


J.Crew Harwick Briefcase

The classic briefcase is cumbersome and clunky. While carrying one gives off a certain Don Draper vibe, we’d suggest an updated version, something like the Harwick Briefcase from J.Crew. Not only is it an affordable option, but like all things J.Crew, it blends timeless design with modern touches. The water-repellent nylon bag is available in navy with eye-catching leather handles and pull tabs. Inside you’ll find a padded laptop compartment and organizational pockets. It’s nothing crazy; it’s just a good-looking bag you can afford that does the trick.

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