We carefully select every item we stock in the Cool Material Shop. Nothing hits our shelves unless we personally want to own it. Since that’s the case, we think there are a lot of awesome gift options in store for you when you stop by. Of all the gear we offer, however, there are few things that really stick out. Here are our picks for the best gifts we have in our shop. If the guy you’re shopping for is anything like one of us, you’ll do well here.


Wooden Rubber Band Guns

There never seems to be a ceasefire when it comes to office warfare. Make sure that guy on your list is equipped with the right weaponry and get him one of these wooden rubber band guns. Made in the USA, both the PPK Rubber Band Gun and the 1911 Rubber Band Gun are ready to fire off a few rounds at any annoying coworker. Both are crafted from solid maple (the 1911 also boasts a walnut handle) and come with a collection of rubber bands.



For a long time, these indoor shoes were a Scandinavian secret, worn by the Danish but hidden from the rest of the world. That’s no longer the case. Glerups are seriously comfortable wool shoes built for wearing around the house. The vegetable tanned leather sole allows the shoes to take a beating while the uppers feel as comfortable as a pair of socks. That means dirty bathroom floors and scattered crumbs in the kitchen are no biggie. He’ll love them so much, they might be the biggest reason he can’t wait for the end of the work day.


Canyon Lantern

Whether left on display or put to use, this Canyon Lantern’s retro good looks will draw some attention. Like the lanterns miners used to carry, this Canyon Lantern features a sturdy build and a simple handle. Unlike the lanterns miners used to carry, this guy boasts a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, retractable lens that changes light from a focused beam to ambient lighting, and the ability to charge portable electronics. It has vintage style and modern smarts, and it looks as good at a campsite as it does sitting on a bookshelf or desk.


Timex Weekender Chrono Oversized

When it comes to affordable watches that can hold their own in a world of $10,000 Rolex timepieces, turn to Timex. The iconic brand makes a lot of watches, and if you dig through all of them you’ll find some gems. Luckily we’ve done the legwork for you. This Weekender Oversized Chrono is far nicer than its price tag suggests. Complete with a leather NATO strap, the 40mm watch boasts an INDIGLO night light, chronograph, and a date window. Best of all, the style is timeless, so you don’t have to worry the watch you’re giving will be tossed as soon as trends change


Vintage Clocks

Our small collection of vintage clocks is filled with some really unique pieces, all of which are unquestionably awesome. The Altimeter Clock offers a nod to old WWII fighter jets and will be a welcome addition to any desktop. The Chicago Factory Wall Clock is modeled after giant wall clocks that hung in massive factories in the Windy City back in the ‘40s. The Dashboard Table/Wall Clock is ripped from an old British race car. No matter which you choose to give, you can rest assured it will be far cooler than the clock they currently rely on.


Jack Puzzle

When it comes to desk toys, you have to be careful not to come off too juvenile. For the diligent worker in your life who’s looking to appear professional but still needs a little time-waster, gift them this Jack Puzzle. When complete, it looks like a small piece of art. When it’s not complete, it will offer them enough of a challenge to keep them busy when they need a break from the computer screen. Made in the USA out of solid bronze, it’s both a piece of art and a tremendous brainteaser.


Tech Dopp Kit - Regular

From earbuds to charging cords, traveling with electronics can get messy. Give them the gift of tangle-free travels with the Tech Dopp Kit. Handmade in the USA out of stunning leather, the Tech Dopp Kit offers loops for cords and cables, a space for devices, and a flap that can hold camera batteries, SD cards, and other necessities. It’s the dopp kit for things a bit more valuable than a toothbrush and some soap.


U.S. Navy Blanket

Faribault Woolen Mill has been crafting blankets for our military since the 1800s. These blankets are prized for their durability and warmth. When you give someone this U.S. Navy Blanket, that’s the kind of quality you’re giving. Made in the USA, this 100% wool blanket is based on the one distributed to naval ships. They probably aren’t out at sea too often, but they’ll definitely appreciate this blanket during the chilly nights that lie ahead.


BASE Valet Trays

If they spent a pretty penny on a leather wallet, a new iPhone, and a sharp pocket knife, give them a place worthy of storing all that fine everyday carry. These BASE Valet Trays eliminate the sprawling pile of gear that finds its way onto desktops and dressers after a long day. Available in three attractive colors, the polystone tray is a sturdy valet that boasts a cut out for charging cables. It also comes with a felt liner that can be used to protect devices. It’s the gift of stylish organization.


Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

If their only bottle popping option is a plastic keychain or the opposite end of a fancy corkscrew, give them something better this holiday season. The Railroad Spike Bottle Opener is easily one of the most intriguing bottle openers we’ve come across. Each is drilled and cut by hand and finished with a leather lanyard. Made in the USA, the Railroad Spike Bottle Opener looks good hanging next to a home bar or resting by their collection of glassware.

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