Everyone likes food. That’s not exactly a secret. But if you have someone on your list who loves food, this is the gift guide you’re looking for. We’re talking about the guy with a sous vide, who lined up for a Cronut, and who sharpens his Wusthof knives regularly. If you have a food lover like that on your list, these gifts will make them salivate like a Peter Luger steak.


Smithey No 10 Cast Iron Skillet

Giving a good cast iron skillet is far nicer than giving a simple pan. A solid cast iron skillet, like this one from Smithney Ironware Co., will sear meats, fry eggs, and tackle meals for generations. Complete with hanging holes, two pour spouts, and an ergonomic handle, the No 10 Cast Iron Skillet is the functional, durable, and attractive version any food fanatic will appreciate. Made in the USA and ready for a lifetime of feasts.


Dalí: Les Dîners de Gala

If you have someone on your list who loves to cook and loves art, you can do no better than this gift. This is Salvador Dalí’s legendary surrealist cookbook. First produced in 1973, the book has just been rereleased for every hungry Dalí fan to enjoy. The artist created over 130 recipes that are as imaginative as his art, with many dabbling in aphrodisiacs and insane extravagance. You’ll find all of those, along with random musings and stories, inside Dalí: Les Dîners de Gala.


Chops Cutting Board

Most knife blocks take up valuable counter space and offer little in the way of style. Instead of a monstrous eyesore, consider the Chops Cutting Board, which slyly stores blades between two cutting boards. The two solid wood cutting boards magnetically attach to the knife rack for a bit of clever storage. Not only will giving it as a gift help free up some counter space, but the slim design means it won’t take up an entire cabinet either.


Epic Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Unless you’re constantly churning out pots of bone broth, you probably don’t have any tallow on hand. That’s too bad, because using tallow to cook is tasty and healthy. Epic, who makes those meat snacks you’ve probably encountered at your local grocery store, just launched their own line so you can give it a go. Choose from beef or bison tallow, or go with pork lard or duck fat. Each is perfect for cooking up veggies, fries, eggs, and a whole lot more.


Clever Kebab Maker

When grilling season hits, there are few things we like to toss on the grates more than some packed kebabs. The problem is, the thought of packing those kebabs is enough to make us want to give up on the entire endeavour. That’s why we dig the Clever Kebab Maker. Sure it sounds like something out of an infomercial, but it works. The simple device allows you to fill it with food, skewer said food, cut said food, and even juice a lemon or some citrus over your meal.


Schoolhouse Electric x Hedley & Bennett Blue Striped Apron

We love it when two of our favorite brands come together to make something awesome. Here, Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., makers of awesome lighting and home goods, teamed up with apron aficionados Hedley & Bennett to create this sharp-as-hell Blue Striped Apron. Each is hand-sewn in LA, built to last a lifetime, and outfitted with extra deep pockets, loops for hanging towels or tools, and an adjustable neck strap. And as with everything both these companies make, the aprons are better looking than most others on the market.


Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

OK, so you have a sriracha lover on your list. Perfect. That person has probably only had one version of the spicy condiment, however. It’s time to introduce them to something better than the ubiquitous rooster bottle. Sure that sounds blasphemous, but that’s only to the unanointed. Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha, which is handmade in Brooklyn by Bushwick Kitchen, is a spicy dose of supreme flavor. It’s complex and delicious. It’s the best sriracha they’ll ever try.


Butcher’s Coasters

Part of the joy of cooking is pouring yourself a drink to sip while you chop, slice, and dice. These coasters pull double duty, protecting your countertops for stain rings and schooling you on cuts of meat. Each set of coasters is crafted from vegetable tanned leather and punched and stamped by hand. If you know someone who likes to pair a beer with a choice cut, these are the coasters to give them.


Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce

If you know someone who cooks sous vide or relies on a crock-pot, introduce them to their new favorite sauce this holiday season. Sansaire’s Steak Aging Sauce brings the taste of expensive steakhouse steaks to their kitchen. When added to some meat that’s getting dropped in a sous vide or a crock-pot, the sauce will deliver a flavor that’s reminiscent of a pricey, aged steak. On top of that, the sugars will help deliver the crusty sear they can’t seem to ever get at home.


Maple Sugar Cube

We wouldn’t blame the recipient of this Maple Sugar Cube if they started licking it as soon as the gift wrap was removed. While treating it like Tootsie Pop is one way to consume it, the idea here is to grate straight up maple syrup on your food. Yes, this is the syrup equivalent of a block of parmesan. Tell them to try some on their morning eggs to change up their entire world.


Concrete Coffee Maker

When it comes to that morning cup of coffee, forget blinking lights, pods, and an available outlet. Instead, give them the gift of stylish quality with this industrial-looking pour over. Available from SmartConcrete, the coffee maker boasts a solid concrete base that’s sealed to protect against stains, copper piping, and a glass funnel. Not only will it help them make a better cup of coffee, it will look damn good when it’s just sitting on a countertop.


Buenos Nachos

Do you know someone who likes nachos? OK, trick question. Everyone likes nachos. That’s why anyone on your list would enjoy a copy of Buenos Nachos, a cookbook filled with wild nacho recipes from chefs and celebs. Inside you’ll find nacho concoctions from Bill Hader, Andrew Zimmern, and tons more. Help them ditch the Cheez Whiz and them a copy of Beunos Nachos.


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