Everyday Carry, or “EDC,” has made its way into the popular lexicon over the last few years.  As it has, guys have decided to care more and more about the quality of those items they carry on a daily basis. There’s a desire for durable wallets, finely crafted writing instruments, and pocket knives that won’t fall apart at the sight of some twine. If you’re shopping for a guy who appreciates this stuff, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Here’s a collection of our favorite everyday carry gifts to give this year.


LYNX Card Blade

Not every blade has to come in the form of a pocket folder. The LYNX Card Blade from JHO is a cutting tool that can slip right into someone’s wallet. Held with one hand, the clever blade can easily cut through the corner of an inch-thick book. The textured side offers a solid grip and the entire slicing device is crafted from solid CPM S35VN steel. For the times when a pocket knife is too bulky, they’ll be happy to have the LYNX in their wallet.


Trayvax Axis Wallet

This wallet isn’t just built for dinners out and Amazon purchases; the Trayvax Axis is built for adventure. If you know someone who hits the trails and generally prefers Mother Nature’s embrace to the indoors, consider giving them this wallet to handle their most important cards. With a sturdy, slim design and two stainless steel plates that offer RFID resistance, it’s the wallet that will keep an ID and a Visa safe from just about anything. Available in a slew of different colors, the Axis Wallet is the virtually indestructible way to carry your most important items.


Gerber Multi-Plier 600

A Gerber multi-tool is like having a toolbox in your pocket. Few are nicer than the new Multi-Plier 600. The multi-tool boasts 14 tools in a slim, attractive package. Complete with needlenose pliers, RemGrit saw, wire crimper, file, scissors, and much more, the MP600 is ready for whatever random tasks pop up in their life. Plus, with Gerber’s patented one-hand opening design, they can break this bad boy out while climbing a ladder or holding a coffee.


SOG Quake Knife

There are a lot of times when a standard pocket knife just won’t cut it (pun very much intended). For those times, they’ll be happy they have a knife as bold as the Quake. SOG’s latest blade is one of their largest folding knives. The blade propels open with the push of a thumb and makes quick work of tasks that frighten the average Swiss army knife. Built with a dual-tone VG-10 blade, forged aluminum handles, and full length stainless steel liners, this knife lives up to its destructive name.



A pry bar is one of the most useful tools you can keep in your garage. Problem is, carry one around for tasks that pop up outside your home and you’ll look like you’re a criminal in a bad ‘80s movie. The Prybar12 solves that. These keychain pry bars are milled from .125” titanium so they can stand up to even the toughest tasks. Best of all, unlike a standard pry bar, these guys fit easily in a pocket or in a bag’s zippered pouch.


Embassy Tactical Pen

Originally designed for government and military use, the Embassy Tactical Pen is far stronger than your average Bic. Clocking in at an ultra-sturdy 4 oz., this brass pen houses a pressurized Fisher Space Pen cartridge, which allows users to write in extreme temps and at funny angles. The body itself features a knurled section for grip and a stainless steel clip for carrying around in a pocket. Not only does it feel great in the hand, but because of its durable build, it will feel comfortable in the hand for decades to come.


The Chapter Knife

Simply put, this is the most attractive pocket knife we’ve ever seen. Featuring a black handle and a black blade, this version of the James Chapter Knife is highlighted by the eye-catching green pin. But don’t let its fine looks fool you, this is far from a display piece. The Chapter Knife boasts a 2.81” drop point D2 steel blade that will make quick work of daily tasks. If you’re looking to give an EDC knife to a guy with an eye for style, you really can’t go wrong here.


Maratac Copper Flashlight

We’re suckers for all things copper. When said copper item is more than just a pretty package, however, well, even better. This Copper Flashlight is an attractive little workhorse. Packed with a glow in the dark diffuser, the pocket-sized flashlight (2.99”) is powered by a single AA battery and offers three modes (Low – 5 lumen output, Medium – 45 lumen output, and High – 205 lumen output). It’s the perfect addition to an already solid collection of everyday carry gear, as most don’t have a dependable flashlight they can keep in their pocket.


Dstrct Wares Rose Gold / UW006

Rose gold is sort of having a moment. Here, Dstrct Wares uses it tastefully to craft a clean watch that’s minimal and attractive. The simple white face and jet black leather strap allow the rose gold to really stand out, as no other flashy colors get in the way. With a contemporary design and a price tag that actually makes it giftable, the UW006 is the gift of stylish timekeeping that won’t limit your spending on other gifts this year.


Hard Graft Dusty iPhone 7 Case

The problem with putting a case on an iPhone is that it kills the sleek look of the device. The problem with not putting a case on an iPhone is a lot worse. The solution? A case that looks good enough to house such a sexy device. For that, give them the new Hard Graft Dusty iPhone 7 Case. The soft, dusty looking surface looks inviting when tossed on the new iPhone, and the hand moulded leather edge offers extra durability.


Kairos Key Carrier

The standard key ring offers little in the way of style and uniqueness. If you want to revamp someone’s key carrying, consider Kairos. Not only does it allow users to easily access keys, but it can even be hooked on a belt loop or pant pocket. Designed to hold up to 7 regular sized keys, the Kairos Key Carrier is visually interesting and less painful than a key ring on someone’s fingernails.


The Hook

The James Brand make some seriously attractive knives.That Chapter Knife we mentioned a few picks back? Yeah, that’s them. Well, knives aren’t all they do. The Hook is their other foray into valuable, stylish everyday carry items. Designed to hold keys, pop beer bottles, and take measurements, the slim EDC device can slip on a belt loop for easy transport. It’s a simple, small gift any guy would appreciate.


Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

The Workman Wallet is a unique spin on the classic leather money holster. Designed to be used with a tether or without, the Workman Wallet hides a zippered pouch, four card pockets, and two interior slots for cash and receipts. Each is constructed out of 2.5 oz. vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle leather and will age beautifully with use. While we’re all for minimal wallets, the truth is that many are so small and simple that they can’t carry all of our necessities. The Workman Wallet from Tanner Goods can.


Original Grain Ebony Black Minimalist Watch

It takes a skilled designer to craft a wooden watch that doesn’t look like you’re wearing a naked tree on your wrist. Original Grain is that designer. By incorporating a slim bezel of sustainably sourced ebony around the case of the Ebony Black Minimalist Watch, the timepiece boasts just enough of Mother Nature to still allow the watch to look fitting for professional situations. Complete with a sleek 40mm case, premium Italian leather band, and scratch-resistant mineral crystal, this watch is a seriously good looking alternative to many affordable watches out there.


Futagami Crescent Brass Bottle Opener

The person who leaves this bottle opener on their home bar will receive plenty of questions over what it is. The solid brass device doesn’t look anything like a bottle opener, but it will pop bottles with the best of them. Handmade out of solid brass, this clever bottle opener is designed to open a lifetime of beers. The more they use it, the more it will develop a unique patina. If you know a guy who appreciates good design and likes to relax with a cold one, we imagine this will go over nicely.


5.11 Double Duty Tactical 1.5 Pen

One glance and you’ll know this is not your average writing instrument. The Double Duty Tactical 1.5 Pen from 5.11 Tactical is both a fine way to jot notes and a survival device if such a situation arises. Machined from aerospace aluminum, the pen boasts a knurled grip area and a shape that allows it be used as a blunt or pointed object. If you’re going to carry a pen 24/7 anyway, why not have one that can save you in a prickly situation?

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