It was nothing in comparison to the Monday that Animal Control in Paterson, NJ had when a 1,400 pound bull escaped slaughter to RAMPAGE through a light traffic, non-residential area. Apparently officers lassoed the bull in an effort to contain it and sedate it. This didn’t turn out to be the greatest idea because the bull just dragged them ten blocks. Apparently Animal Control needs to step up their training programs because even Billy Crystal would have been able to contain one bull.

Once they finally contained the bull, it was returned to the slaughterhouse where it was presumably slaughtered. If the bull was ultimately going to be slaughtered anyways, why not just shoot it in the first place? Is Paterson, NJ really that boring? Shouldn’t the cops be solving murders or something? If there are no crimes that require solving in NJ it’s only a thirty minute drive to NY; I’m sure they could be of some assistance there.

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