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Wonderful Wine Accessories

Wonderful Wine Accessories


Warning: You are about to enter a Snob-Free Zone. This group of Wonderful Wine Products takes the seriousness, swishing and spitting out of enjoying a great bottle of vino. Since you can’t even begin to get into most bottles without a gadget and drinking it directly out of the bottle is generally frowned upon; if you like to drink wine, you’re going to need a few neat accessories on hand.


Seven Deadly Sins Glasses

Creepy and freaky, these wine glasses are designed to represent the seven deadly sins. Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is made clear by the way in which it offers up its contents. Check out the whole set and serve guests a heavy-bodied red for some theatrical drinking…just don’t invite us over.

Brass Knuckles Wine Opener

From guns and ammo to knives and nunchucks, weapons seem to be all the rage. Why not let your destructive drinking habit in on the fun? The Brass Knuckles Wine Opener may not do much when compared to other handy openers, but it sure makes a statement: I enjoy my wine and I’m prepared to defend it.

Liquor Lock Combination

A love for wine doesn’t always mean you’re willing to share. You don’t want some Carlo Rossi “connoisseur” getting at your vintage Bordeaux. The Liquor Lock Combination is an industrial-quality, stainless steel lock that makes use of a 3-digit user-settable combination to keep sticky fingers at bay.

Bottle of Wine Glass

The doctor told us that one glass of red wine is good for the heart. He wasn’t clear on the size of the glass. The Bottle of Wine Glass holds – you guessed it – an entire bottle of red…or white, but remember Doc said a glass of red.

UU22 Wine Tray

Avoid accidents and spills while serving your guests in modern style. After all, you’re drinking wine now, we assume you’ve gotten rid of the turf-inspired carpeting. The UU22 Wine Tray will hold up to four stemmed glasses and most wine bottles in place.

Wine Tools Gift Set

We know real men drink wine, but the Wine Tools Gift Set will make any men feel a little bit better about it. The four piece set contains a bottle stopper, corkscrew, pourer and a cheese knife. The box itself will hold a bottle to complete the gift.

Bolt Wine Stopper

Forget those fancy heart stoppers they hand out as wedding favors. The Bolt Wine Stopper makes perfect sense. You wouldn’t use a rhinestone heart to keep something sealed, now would you? A great men’s gift for a handyman with who’s also a fan of the grapes, it comes ready to give in a premium black gift box.

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

If you like to attend large food and wine tasting events, the Wine Glass Holder Necklace will prove useful. It will keep you hands free for eating and mingling. If you don’t plan on attending such an event, please stay far away from this dorky gadget. Thank you. Oh, and take off that fanny pack already.

Recycled Windshield Wine Glasses

Made from recycled windshield glass and handcrafted in Columbia, sipping out of these stemless glasses will strike up some conversations. Their thicker than usual construction and original green tint are sure signs that these aren’t ordinary wine glasses.

Recycled Wine Barrel Cabinet

If high-tech stainless steel gadgets aren’t your thing, the Recycled Wine Barrel Cabinet’s authentic style will complement any rustic decor. The previously used white oak wine barrels would normally be discarded, but here they’re wisely re-purposed as an attractive wine cabinet.

PlatyPreserve Wine Preserver

Everything in moderation may seem like a good idea, but chances are you’ve let way too many decent bottles of wine go bad. Exposure to oxygen will change the character of any wine. PlatyPreserve aims to protect the taste of an opened bottle by completely eliminating the presence of oxygen around it. It does to by using an air tight reservoir that wine is transferred to and kept fresh.

Ammunitions Case Wine Rack

Here we go with the weapons again…The Ammunitions Case Wine Rack, that dates back to the 1960’s or 70’s, will hold your less violent set of big guns. The openings cradle bottlenecks for proper side storage, while its old-school, tough-guy look will score you points in several departments.

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