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The Sequels We Want to See in 2011

The Sequels We Want to See in 2011

The Social Network 2

Plot Description:  Having successfully depicted the birth and rise of Facebook in The Social Network, this highly anticipated sequel turns its attention to Facebook in the modern day.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes a backseat as producers choose to pick a user of the site at random to be the basis of the movie.  The Social Network 2 follows the postings of 15-year-old Katie Stewart of Fort Wayne, Indiana (Carey Mulligan) and crafts a narrative based on her daily updates.  Will she ever get Scott’s attention?  Will her farm survive?  Will she ever get over her hatred of Mondays?

The Wrestler 2

Plot Description: In a strange move the producers of the award winning 2008 drama decide to create a documentary of the WWF wrestlers of the 80’s and 90’s.  Moviegoers will enjoy never before seen interviews with The Rockers following their split on The Barbershop, Hacksaw Jim Duggan discussing the difficulties of memorizing the gameplan for a Royal Rumble, and a look into Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ surprising fear of reptiles.

Sideways 2

Plot Description:  Miles and Jack return and, due in part to the hardships depicted in the original film, have graduated from wine to hard alcohol.  Instead of hazy nights in Napa Valley the pair spend their days downing Johnny Walker in seedy dive bars.  Can their relationships survive drunken pants-less escapades and temple throbbing hangovers?  Join the duo for another series of intoxicated adventures.  “I’m not drinking any f***ing Majorska!”

Inception 2

Plot Description: Finally realizing the power they possess, Dom Cobb and company start using their abilities for more important things than corporate espionage in this sequel, namely – picking up chicks.  The crew returns along with some new up-and-coming hotshots (Shia LaBeouf and Scott Caan) and set out planting ideas in the heads of some of the world’s hottest women.  Will the top keep spinning during their wild threesomes?  You won’t even care.

Black Swan 2

Plot Description:  No ballet, just an hour and a half of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis passionately kissing.  Director Darren Aronofsky rolled tape and simply told the actress to “go for it.”  Early Oscar buzz.

Exit Through The Gift Shop 2

Plot Description:  Following the critically acclaimed film in which Thierry Guetta attempts to befriend celebrity street artist Banksy only to have the mysterious artist turn the tables on the filmmaker and produce a movie about Guetta’s project, this sequel features Thierry Guetta getting his revenge.  Guetta pretends to film yet another documentary about Banksy, one Banksy again gets wind of and starts to document, only to find this time Guetta was prepared.  The Frenchman proceeds to document Banksy creating a movie of Guetta creating a movie.  And you thought Inception hurt your brain.