According to Elena Bodnar, yes. In the event of a noxious gas emergency (generally not the human-generated kind), Bodnar’s brassiere can be converted into two gas masks. One gas mask for the brassiere wearer (she’s definitely topless by this point) and “one to be given to a needy bystander.” This invention is so brilliant that Bodnar won a Nobel Prize for it in the Public Health category.

Not your typical Nobel Prize, an IG Nobel Prize. The IG Nobel Prizes are special because they’re awarded for research that “first makes people LAUGH then makes them THINK.” You laughed and then you thought about the reality of the situation. In the event of an “incident” women everywhere would be topless. What’s the going rate on a canister of Sarin these days?

The only remaining question is, is there one large enough for Denise Milani?

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