Nooka is a company that’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about their Zon, Zub Zirc, and Zem Zoo watches or the Nooka fragrance, Nooka knows how to look (and smell) good and still be different. Because of that, many of their products are available in so many different colors and styles that it would make Crayola jealous. So how do you decide if you want to go with blue, green, pink, or orange?

With the Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer obviously. Using some combination of cardboard, webcam, and magic Nooka has created an interface that allows you to virtually try on watches before you buy them. You just get the AR bracelet from one of their magazine advertisements (or the website), visit the Nooka site, point your arm at the camera, and then you get jacked into the Matrix (without all the goo and head shaving). Because if James Cameron has the technology to turn a Terminator into a 10′ tall blue alien there’s no reason you should ever have to leave your chair to try on a new watch.

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