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New Year’s Resolutions and the Tools to Help you Succeed

New Year’s Resolutions and the Tools to Help you Succeed

This is a Gillette sponsored article that offers useful tips and tools on New Year’s resolutions for men. (Thanks Gillette!)

Now that we’re putting the final touches on 2010 it’s time to start piecing together our New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. This year, unlike every single year past, we swear we’re sticking to them. The difference: This year we’re going in prepared. With special thanks to Gillette, we present the gear and tools to make it happen in 2011. Just pick out your resolution and load up:

Resolution #1: Get in Shape

NFL Training Camp for Wii – Most guys who buy a gym membership stick it out for about the first two weeks of January. A big part of this is the fact that working out for some can seem boring. With NFL Training Camp for Wii you’ll get whipped into shape without getting bored. ($100)

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set – NFL Training Camp for Wii will cut some fat but to get cut-up you’re going to need to push around some weights. This PowerBlock set of adjustable dumbbells won’t take up a ton of space and will give you the opportunity to get in a full workout. ($339)

TriggerPoint Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller – If there’s one piece of gym equipment few guys own but really should, it’s a foam roller. It will work out all the knots in your body both pre & post workout. Plus, the grid on this TriggerPoint roller will make it feel like a full body massage. ($45)

GymGoal ABC App – For under a buck, this app will show you a variety of exercises so you don’t end up doing curls for 20 minutes. ($0.99)

Resolution #2: Be More Adventurous

Garmin Nuvi 265W Portable GPS – If you’re going to get out and be more adventurous, you’re going to need a GPS unit that not only works well in your ride but also is portable enough to use wherever you go. This Garmin unit is probably the best choice for reconnecting with your inner explorer. ($120)

K2 Brigade Snowboard – We figured you didn’t want to wait until the summer surf to start on your resolution, so hit the slopes with this K2 snowboard. Perfect while you’re just starting out and also when you’ve gained some skills. ($300)

The North Face Primero 85 Pack – Most guy adventures require you to carry around a ton of gear. Hiking, camping, traveling – they all call for some sort of backpack. Go with The North Face Primero 85 Pack for a versatile option. ($329)

The SOL Origin Survival Tool – We talked about this little guy before, but it’s worth mentioning again because it’s just that important. By definition many adventures involve some sort of danger – The SOL Origin Survival Kit keeps you prepared for all of it. ($50)

Resolution #3: Learn a New Skill

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar – For a lot of us, picking up and learning guitar is not feasible simply because we are always on the move. This little Martin is the perfect starter guitar to take with you where ever you gotta go. ($300)

Epicurious App for iPhone/iPad – Thanks to Apple’s gizmos you don’t need a slew of cookbooks to become a better chef. The best app for learning to be a solid cook comes from Epicurious. Download it and start impressing her with some Zagat worthy dishes. (Free)

Everlast Leather Training Boxing Gloves – Learning to box will teach you a new skill and get your body shredded. Pick up these gloves from Everlast to start throwing some jabs and hooks. ($30)

Cannon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera – Sure, point-and-click cameras are great to carry around in your pocket, but if you want to become a better photographer in 2011 you need a SLR. This Cannon Rebel will improve your picture taking even before you know what you’re doing. ($650)

Resolution #4: Eat Healthier

Healthy Super Foods App – What’s an aduki bean? Besides a bean that sounds like a Green Day album, it’s a healthy super food. Find out more of them with this app. (Free)

My Empire of Dirt by Manny Howard – How can you be a locavore when you live in the city? Manny Howard will show you. The dude built a whole farm in and around his little place in Brooklyn. This book should serve as some inspiration for any guy wanting to eat closer to home. ($10)

Organic Fruit and Veggie Case from The FruitGuys – Don’t have the option of hitting the local farmer’s market for your healthy options? Have ‘em sent to your doorstep courtesy of The FruitGuys. ($24+)

Case of Guinness – We’re not about to tell you to stop drinking beer altogether, but if you’re going to try and eat/drink healthier in the New Year at least make the healthiest brew choice – Guinness. ($30)

Resolution #5: Spend More Time with Family & Friends

Skype Subscription – Assuming your parents can figure out all this newfangled technology, Skype is the perfect way to stay connected with family. ($8+/month)

Successful Time Management for Dummies – Sure, there’s a “Dummies” book for everything, but that’s only because they are actually super useful. This one is perfect for helping you schedule a night out for drinks, assuming you can find the time to read it. ($11)

Sign up for – It’s like Facebook for your family. If you don’t have time to do the visiting or the Skype-ing, can help you stay in touch on your schedule. ($10/yr)