When you’re using Craftsman tools, the garage roof (it’s the only sky most men will ever know) is the limit. You’re a man, so you know that when it comes to tools there’s only one name that matters and that name is Craftsman. Craftsman is continuing down its undisputed path of awesome with Craftsman Labs.

Craftsman Labs is Sam, Matt, and Kenny in a warehouse with unlimited resources. The only goal? Do crazy shit with Craftsman tools. Whether it’s hammer golf or the power drill daredevil, these guys jobs belong on the list of Jobs Most Men Would Die For. Now you can see one of their more ambitious projects, the Craftsman Music Experiment. Think of it as K&B Construction from Home Improvement without the guy that looks like ZZ Top.

The Craftsman Music Experiment is like the orchestra – if the orchestra was composed completely of Craftsman tools and men gave a shit.


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