Portability and concealability have always been issues in the world of clandestine office espionage. Yeah, you could pelt the guy in the cube forty feet away with a marshmallow, but it’s not exactly easy to sneak the “gun” or the ammunition (Who really has a bag of marshmallows at the office?) past office security, let alone your prying co-workers.

Cardnetics (makers of the sold-out Cardapult) have increased your business card armory with the introduction of the Penny Shooter. This bad boy is a standard size (2″ x 3.5″) business card with added thickness to support the magazine. That’s right, this thing incorporates a ten penny clip to reduce reloading time and maximize effectiveness.  With an effective range of approximately fifteen feet you will need to get in closer for the kill, but rubberbands, business cards, and pennies won’t draw the attention of anyone at the office.

Finally, someone found a good use for pennies.

0110 MM Cool Material In-Feed Takeover 1000×600

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