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Bikes We Like: 9 Picks From The New Amsterdam Bike Show

Bikes We Like: 9 Picks From The New Amsterdam Bike Show

While we have a mountain bike that we beat up on occasional weekends, for our daily needs we turn to a ride similar to something you’d see at The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show. The only difference is, our single speed doesn’t make grown men drool like babies. The two-wheelers at the show had us gawking like two scantily clad women broke out in a pillow fight in the middle of SoHo. Here are our favorite rides we saw at the show:

Opus Classico ($565)

See, you can mix brown and black. The stealth frame and brown leather accents on the Opus Classico caught our eye when we stumbled by the Opus display. Plus, the rear reflector reminded us of a classic Italian car (and we buy all our bikes based on the design of the rear reflector). More

Bobbin Shopper ($550)

Okay, so the Bobbin Daytripper is really the bike meant just for dudes, and it’s damn sweet, but something about the Shopper sparked our interest. While it’s marketed more at females, something about the small, compact design of the British bike was refreshingly different. We swear, pick it up in the Olive Green we shot, and we won’t judge you. More

Iride Roadster ($1,790)

Despite the fact that we thought the name was pronounced “I Ride” until we were told it’s Italian and we’re idiots, we loved these pricey red bikes. The goal of the company is to be the Maserati of bicycles. Judging by the style and attention to detail, they aren’t too far off. More

Linus Roadster Classic ($449)

We got to see this bike in a few different colors, and the Rosewood and Cream both really stood out. Plus, the guys from Linus were telling us how we could win a ride from them (a bike, not like a trip to the store), so we spent a lot of time schmoozing them. Apparently you can still win one through their website so check it out, although you’re really hurting our chances. More

Eco2 ($1,195)

New Amsterdam Bicycle Co. was on-hand showing off this urban bike/new Apple product. You’d definitely turn some ironic mustache-clad heads with the all white design and bright green cable covers on the Eco2.  More

VANMOOF No. 3 ($499)

From the internal cables to the solar-powered and – if need be – USB chargeable lights, the VANMOOF No. 3 was easily one of our favorites from the show. If we didn’t need some cash to get home, we might have purchased one from Rolling Orange on the spot. More

Worksman Bike NYC Custom ($449)

Any company that was established pre-1900 clearly has a solid track record. If you want a bike that has some hipster appeal but a heavy dose of masculinity to boot, Worksman is your made in the USA brand. They make solid, straightforward bikes for the working class. So whether you’re delivering pizzas or riding to an office, they’ve got you covered. This is the custom bike they built for their work with Bike NYCMore

The Cooper Spa ($1,130)

The Brooks racing green leather accents were our favorite aspects of this bike which you can pick up the next time you buy a car at a Mini dealer. The chrome frame ain’t too shabby either. More

Brooklyn Cruiser Bedford ($499)

The crate on this vintage looking bike seems like the least feminine way we can think of, of transporting our groceries. A baguette sticking out of that thing would be far better than one in a front wire basket. The two-speed kick shift hub is a nice little touch as well. More