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8 Whiskeys To Share With Your Dad

8 Whiskeys To Share With Your Dad

There’s no question your dad would appreciate a card and a gift this Father’s Day, but if you really want to show your pops you care, crack a bottle of whiskey with him. Pour two glasses and listen to some of his old war stories so you can know more about the man who raised you. We’ve picked out a few really solid options (Scotch and bourbon included) and broke them down by price so you can find the perfect bottle to share this Father’s Day.

Jim Beam Black – $25

Turn your nose up at it all you want, but for the price, Jim Beam is a pretty solid option. Jim Beam Black is the more sophisticated version that still won’t set you back more than around $25. The double aged bourbon has more flavor than the original and a more refined smoothness thanks to the extra aging. Link

Powers Gold Label – $30

Powers Gold Label is simple, smooth, and very approachable. Unless your dad lives in Ireland, it’s probably something he hasn’t reached for often. It’s an affordable bottle that isn’t aggressive in anyway. The Irish whiskey has a calm profile with just a bit of spiciness. You should be able to get a bottle for under $30. Link

The Black Grouse – $35

If dear old dad is a fan of Scotch, The Black Grouse is an awesome and affordable bottle he’ll enjoy sipping with you. Smoky and peaty, The Black Grouse–which will run you around $30–packs a lot of flavor without a crazy price tag. Dropping the money on a nice Islay single malt will make an impression, but for a deal, The Black Grouse is a tremendous purchase. Link

The Glenlivet 15 Year Old – $50

Usually available for around $50, the 15 year old from The Glenlivet is a wonderfully smooth Scotch that’s a nice step up from the 12. Partially aged in French Oak casks, the smell is buttery and the taste is decadent with a heavy oak presence. Link

Ardbeg Uigeadail – $60

Highly praised for good reason, Uigeadail is a silky beast with a great mixture of smoky and sweet. It has a very pronounced peat smell, but the taste is rich and smooth without one thing jumping out at you. It would be a treat for your dad if he’s a Scotch fan, and can be purchased for around $60-$80 a bottle. Link

WhistlePig 100/100 Straight Rye Whiskey – $70

This 100 proof, 100% rye whiskey is a treat for any rye whiskey fan. Hovering around $70 for a bottle, many have said that it’s the best rye ever created. If your dad enjoys Manhattans or is just a rye fan in general, snag him a bottle and knock his socks off. Of course, unlike some others on this list, it isn’t the easiest to come across. Link

Midleton Very Rare – $130

One of the finest Irish whiskeys ever created is–as the name suggests–a bit tricky to get your hands on. We’d recommend calling around or buying from a reputable place online. Once you do procure a bottle and open it on Father’s Day, you’ll be greeted with a complex aroma, a taste without any jagged sharp notes, and one of the finest finishes you’ll ever experience. Prices can vary, but it usually retails for around $130. Link

The Macallan Fine Oak 21 Year Old Scotch – $250

Okay, so you’re really looking to impress dad and thank him for putting up with all the shit you’ve pulled through the years, here you go. If dad is a Scotch fan, it’s hard to do better than this $200+ bottle. The aroma is incredible, with some vanilla and fruit notes, and the finish will stay with you and your pops through the rest of the day. Link