One of our favorite bicycles ever made is now available in black. The Vanmoof, throwback to traditional Dutch bicycles, has a strong, beautiful (not to mention rust-proof) aluminum frame that looks sleek in black. If you didn’t already know, Vanmoof bikes come with integrated solar powered LED head and tail lights. This single speed is a smart choice for city commuters who care as much about the environment as they do looking good on a slick bike.

When it comes to unwinding, few things compare to a quality smoking session. It’s high time you upgraded your hardware to the sleek, stylish and award-winning bong and pipe from Session Goods. These phenomenal smoking accessories combine smooth, clean lines, an elevated aesthetic to create pieces that look and perform like no other. Session Goods is celebrating their fourth birthday with an exclusive, limited-edition drop of contrasting black and white Designer Bongs, Designer Pipes and Cleaning Caps that make the perfect addition to any collection. Session Goods limited-edition Black and White collection drops on 10/26.