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Does anyone need an off-road Mercedes-Benz pickup truck capable of tackling any object in its path? The answer to that is probably not… especially when it has three axles, six wheels, and was almost completely rebuilt from the ground up by Classic Youngtimers to be a grizzly behemoth on the street that would strike fear into everyone that heard the new 544 PS bi-turbo V8 roar. And that’s before the off-road presence is even considered. Cards on the table because we don’t want to bust balls, this is one of the most absurd, expensive, and completely batshit crazy Mercedes modifications we’ve ever seen. That said, this kind of planning, design, and attention to detail–along with the parts used–makes it the best non-factory upgrade we’ve ever seen with a Mercedes badge. This upgrade is so flawless in every regard that the AMG team better look out because these guys are coming for their jobs.


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