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San Diego is set to get the first Flex Dealership in the U.S. this month. If you’re one of the uninitiated that doesn’t know what Flex is, get ready for your latest obsession. These Tokyo-based dealerships reconstruct Toyota Land Cruisers and turn them into tricked-out, vintage-style restomods. With a bespoke service that’s centered on harkening back in order to look ahead, Flex San Diego will introduce the American market to the quiet innovation that exists within the auto community that isn’t necessarily as flashy as, say, self-driving cars, but by no means isn’t impactful or beautifully crafted.

The San Diego operation will sell two retromod versions of the Land Cruiser, called the 106 and The Wonder. Later this year, they will also debut a retrofitted Toyota Tacoma. Now that’s one type of facelift in Southern California we can get behind.


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