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Conor McGregor’s most recent bout in the ring is best described as something between otherworldly and cringe-worthy depending on your side of the betting line. Despite all of that, he’s still a world-class fighter that has chosen to recover–like we would, if the shoe was on the other foot–with an almost $4 million Lamborghini yacht with 4,000 horsepower. Dubbed the “Supercar of the Sea,” this Lamborghini x The Italian Sea Group Technomar 63 was recently delivered to Forbes’ highest-paid athlete of the year, and it’s as performance-oriented as you’d expect given the brands involved. It weighs 24 tons. It measures 63′ in length. It’s powered by two MAN V12-2000HP engines. It’s constructed out of carbon fiber and painted in the completely absurd bright, lime green colorway the fighter favors. If you’re going to spend months recovering from a serious injury, we can’t imagine a better vessel to do it on.


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