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The top trim Land Rover Ranger Rover model has evolved into a technological beast, but it’s still eminently capable off-road. But the Range Rover Classic that preceded in the ’70s it still plucks our heartstrings. It’s that much more the case when it gets redefined by the folks at Chieftan. The British Land Rover restoration shop took the original design made it just plain damned mean. The Extreme uses one of Chieftain’s bespoke chassis designs and adds a modern four-wheel independent suspension, racing brakes, and a monstrous GM 6.2-liter supercharged LS3 V8, good for 700 horses. The ride is lowered, and then side exhausts, black wheels, and an LED light bar are added for a truly unique Range Rover. The awesome mustard yellow paint from the ’70s version shows up here, and it works pretty much perfectly with the new black body and fender trim. Chieftan badges let everyone else know this custom job isn’t your standard Land Rover.


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