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Just when you thought the $3.1 million, 1,500-horsepower, 261-mph Bugatti Chiron supercar was the pinnacle of opulent, high-speed motoring, the French automaker decides to one-up itself with the $9.7 million, 1,600 hp Bugatti Centodieci. This evolved version of the Chiron gets more power, cutting-edge aerodynamics and thermal management technology, as well as a body that pays homage to the 1991-1995 Bugatti EB110. In fact, Centodieci translates to “one hundred and ten” in Italian, the right nomenclature for a company that was under Italian ownership prior to it folding when the EB110 was killed. The new tribute car’s prototype makes extensive use of carbon fiber and has undergone rigorous simulated testing to get it ready for production. The body-less car has been put up on a dynamometer, and once it gets the shell, it will undergo high-speed and high-heat testing. Once that’s complete and it gets the green light, a mere ten will be produced. Expect the Centodieci to possess the most powerful iteration of Bugatti’s remarkable 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine, and expect its affluent buyers to require new underwear after the first drive.


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