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There’s some part of every one of us that wants to reconnect with the former versions of ourselves. This isn’t newsworthy. What is newsworthy about Apple’s new Autonomous Rover Concept is that it straight up looks like a combination of modern technology and underage spaceship drawings. This isn’t an entirely terrible rendering outside of the fact that someone decided it had to have wheels and a pod–which seems pretty sci-fi influenced–but it still plays within the current paradigm of Sci-Fi possibilities. So here’s what we see–according to the artist, “the pod can rotate 360 degrees to allow passengers to enter and exit easily. It can likewise drop off the occupants and move to a designated parking space. It rides on five-spoke wheels in white to match the color scheme of the exterior. The Apple Autonomous concept will run on an emission-free powertrain.” If that actually comes to pass, we’re totally ‘cool’ (see what we did there) with it.

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