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Maserati is killing off the current and quite mediocre Ghibli, and we don’t blame them. The modern sedan could never hold a candle to the original and supremely elegant 2-door. This 1967 Ghibli 4.7 Coupe by Ghia is going up for sale via RM Sotheby’s. It’s especially appealing because of the matching-numbers chassis and engine, as well as an early chassis sequence from the Ghibli’s first year of production. It also has rare Rame Metallizzato paint. The Ghibli was known for its elegance and power. The mill is a 310-horsepower V8 engine that hurtles the Ghibli to a top speed of over 164 mph. Inside is a truly Italian cabin with a thing wood-rimmed steering wheel, stainless-steel trim, and toggle switches. It even comes with a litany of relevant documents including the factory order sheet, final-testing and technical data sheets, and delivery note. To put hungry bidders at ease, the car has been meticulously verified by Maserati’s Classiche program. The slinky GT hits the auction block on May 14th, and watch those prices climb.

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