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A scant 998 original Shelby Cobras were built, so don’t be fooled by the replicas or continuation series you see today, as good as they might be. The real coin emerges when an original surfaces like this 1964 Shelby Cobra 289 that’s going up for sale. It’s chassis number CSX2532, and the car has the original numbered 289ci HiPo engine that was made by Ford exclusively for the Cobra. It just so happens that this very car was the first or second Cobra to get the engine. This Cobra was actually raced to numerous victories, so that’s significant for the car’s history. It has been refreshed and restored repeatedly, and it now has a freshly built engine, a new manual gearbox, and a new differential. It also comes with all of the original parts and the original engine. Look for this beast to reach seven figures when all is said and done.

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