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The Things We Can’t Travel Without

As guys on the go, we quickly realized that having the right luggage and accessories makes all the difference, especially in a city that never stops surprising you and is always on the move.


Traveling to Toronto can be a whirlwind of excitement. With its vibrant neighborhoods, endless attractions, and diverse culinary scene, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. But fear not, Toronto has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the charming Distillery District, the fun restaurants & bars along Ossington Avenue (Bellwoods Brewery and Bar Banane to name a few), and the interesting galleries in Yorkville. Toronto’s unique blend of cultures ensures each visit is a fresh experience, so there’s always a reason to come back.

This past Spring, the Cool Material team decided to pack our trusty Carl Friedrik luggage and explore Toronto for a week of “bleisure” (that’s business mixed with leisure). As guys on the go, we quickly realized that having the right luggage and accessories makes all the difference, especially in a city that never stops surprising you and is always on the move. For me, the Day-to-Day Backpack not only was stylish, but could easily lug around my camera gear from location to location.

Founded in 2013, Carl Friedrik has built a reputation for creating luggage that’s both durable and stylish. Enter The Carry-On X. This beauty stands out with its TSA-approved aluminum lock frame, polycarbonate shell, and silent 360-degree spinner wheels, ensuring it glides effortlessly from the taxi to the terminal, train to hotel lobby, you name it. This isn’t just any carry-on—it’s a travel game-changer. 

I’m a design snob, so I’m always on the lookout for sleek, minimalist products with a twist of luxury – Carl Friedrik nails that. With Italian Vachetta leather detailing and available in base colors like gray and black, the Carry-On X is accented with rich leather tones in chocolate, cognac, gray, or black. This bag doesn’t just look good—it’s designed to perform (tested and confirmed in Toronto). The front pocket is perfect for quickly retrieving your laptop or travel documents, making those airport security lines a breeze.

In addition to the Carry-On X, Carl Friedrik offers other chic accessories like the RFID-blocking Cardprotector and the sleek Easton passport sleeve, all designed with the same attention to detail and quality.

In short, if you’re heading to Toronto (or anywhere, really), make sure you’ve got Carl Friedrik luggage and accessories by your side. It’s the perfect blend of style, durability, and practicality—everything a modern traveler needs. 

The Carry-on X
The Carry-on X

Resourceful cabin case with an integrated hard-shell front pocket for quickly retrieving your laptop and travel documents. Ideal for up to 5 days of travel. Features an aluminium frame with lock closure, 360° spinner wheels and impact-resistant polycarbonate shell.

Buy: $595
The Cardprotector
The Cardprotector

Innovative cardholder with an RFID-blocking aluminium core to protect from electronic thieves. Secrid's patented lever technology ensures up to 5 cards can be retrieved in one smooth motion. Wrapped in premium vachetta leather for an elevated finish.

Buy: $175
Easton Passport Sleeve
Easton Passport Sleeve

A compact vachetta leather sleeve designed to protect your passport while travelling and add a hint of traditional elegance. The integrated card pocket on the back means you can keep your travel cards and passport together at all times.

Buy: $135

Ready to discover Toronto? 

Learn more at and see it for yourself by entering for your chance to win a 2-night stay at The St. Regis Toronto, a flight to/from Toronto on Air Canada, a gift certificate valued at $1,000 from Carl Friedrik, and $500 cash to spend during your time in the city. Terms and conditions apply.

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