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Valo Carbon Fiber Hyperfoil Jet Ski

Valo Carbon Fiber Hyperfoil Jet Ski

There’s nothing quite like disturbing the shit out of serene waters as you tear them up on a jet ski…unless you have the opportunity to do it with a hydrofoil jetski. That’s where Valo comes in with their soon-to-be-released Carbon Fiber Hyperfoil Jet Ski. With an electric motor capable of 108hp, and paired with the hydrofoil technology that cuts through water with less resistance and lower wake, you (and maybe a lucky passenger) will literally be flying 2ft above the water’s surface en route to your final destination. According to Valo, “The founders edition will be limited run, with higher performance and specifications compared to the production version. Other perks of the founders edition include complimentary selection of deck timber, seat trim, as well as a consultation with our in house designer to personalize colours and wrap design. Lastly, each founders edition will feature a CNC machined limited edition titanium nameplate and hull number.” As if that wasn’t enough, it can apparently hit 45mph in just 8 seconds…which is “shut up and take my money” speed on the water.

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