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Porsche x Volkswagen ID.Buzz Renndienst Bus

Porsche x Volkswagen ID.Buzz Renndienst Bus

We’re pretty pumped about the impending arrival of Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz electric minivan, but it’s this Porsche-themed version we lust after. Too bad it will never see our shores. The classic red Renndienst (German for “Racing Service”) Buses were Porsche transporters that helped move and service race cars in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, and Porsche Netherlands is helping celebrate the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars with this colorful tribute. A slew of the ID.Buzz vans were outfitted with Porsche logos and lettering with the classic red paint color. We’re guessing they’ll show up at dealerships and possibly even actual race events. Should one show up for sale, we might just jump on it.

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