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Patagonia and Dogfish Head Collaborate on Kernza Pils

Patagonia and Dogfish Head Collaborate on Kernza Pils

Patagonia has teamed up with renowned craft brewery Dogfish Head on a collaborative beer brewed to taste good and do better. Both Patagonia and Dogfish Head have embraced environmental activism and this collaborative effort sees the worlds of craft beer and ecology collide. Kernza Pils is a classic pilsner using Kernza® perennial grain as well as organic barley and organic Contessa hops. Kernza is a cousin of wheat and it develops roots that stretch up to 12 feet underground, which prevents topsoil erosion. Plus, the roots draw down carbon. The result is a crop that effectively pulls double duty: a great agricultural product and a successful combatant against climate change.

The mission behind Kernza Pils is to inspire more folks in craft beer and beyond to support sustainable, regenerative farming practices. And to brew some delicious beer. So far, it seems Patagonia and Dogfish Head have succeeded. Kernza Pils is available in fifteen states including New York, California, Pennsylvania, and more.

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