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Godfrey Mighty G Electric Pontoon Boat

Godfrey Mighty G Electric Pontoon Boat

Introducing Godfrey’s Mighty G pontoon boats—a versatile aquatic marvel that seamlessly blends cruising and fishing. These watercraft redefine adaptability with configurations catering to every boater’s desires, whether it’s leisurely cruises or casting lines. Opt for the Mighty G Cruise, boasting expansive bow seats and convertible side lounges for sun-soaked relaxation. Alternatively, the Mighty G Fish is a fishing aficionado’s dream, featuring a clear casting area at the bow and convenient built-in rod storage at the rear.

Power your adventures with options ranging from a 50 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor with a 27-mile range to Torqeedo’s electric trio. The Torqeedo Cruise series offers eco-friendly alternatives with varying battery systems and impressive ranges of 8.7 to 14.8 miles. Perfect for lakes or engine-restricted waterways, these electric systems come equipped with integrated GPS for precise navigation. Godfrey’s Mighty G ensures that every boater can seize their ideal aquatic experience, blending innovation and functionality for a watercraft like no other.

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