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BMW Concept XM

BMW Concept XM

If you needed more evidence that SUVs and crossovers are taking over the automotive world, then just take a look at the Concept XM, BMW’s second-ever standalone M model (the first was the iconic M1). It looks like an SUV and a futuristic tank birthed it, frankly. But it’s not just some concept because BMW will build it in some form next year. It will be the brand’s most powerful vehicle with 740 horses coming from a V8 paired with an electric motor. EV range will be 50 miles, but the electric motor is primarily for the purpose of performance. The Concept XM includes features such as illuminated grille frames, 23-inch alloy wheels, laser-etched Roundel logos, stacked quad tailpipes, a huge curved display screen, carbon fiber and copper interior detailing, vintage brown leather sport seats, and a crazy rear bench seat with spaceship-like blue velvet fabric. While we wouldn’t call it beautiful by any measure, it certainly has presence.

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