When it comes to gifts for someone’s home, you have inexpensive things like coasters and kitchen tools, and more expensive pieces like Pendleton blankets and framed artwork. Hell, if you really love someone, go ahead and buy them a new fridge or flat screen. The point is, this gift guide is a hodgepodge of home good awesomeness, one filled with an array of different items we love. The only qualification? It improves someone’s home in some way. Have at it.


Roku TV Wireless Speakers

If they already use a Roku TV to stream their entertainment, give them the soundsystem custom built to finish off the experience.


Grovemade Catch-All

An entryway piece that will help organize their day, the Grovemade Catch-All holsters keys, a wallet, sunglasses, and more items they don’t want to forget when they’re heading out for the day.


Wahl Bump-Free Shaver

[Partner]  The Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Shaver gives you a close, bump-free shave. Most notably, its hypoallergenic titanium foils reduce irritation to prevent bumps. Other features include a pop-up trimmer for precise detailing of the sideburns and neckline. Its cord/cordless design also means you can plug in or groom on the go with up to 60 minutes of run time. Its sleek, carbon-fiber appearance and non-slip comfort grip also add to the shaving experience.


Parachute Waffle Robe

[Partner]  If you’re anything like us, the first thing you do when you get home is take off the work attire in favor of something more comfortable. Forget about sweats and a tee; the Parachute Waffle Robe is the most comfortable thing you can wear at home. Made of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, this spa-inspired robe is super plush, insanely comfortable and perfectly weighted to be worn year round. Add to that the pair of hip pockets, snug waist tie and folded collar and you have the ultimate in relaxation wear.


Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board

How do you create the perfect cutting board? Get the advice of 10,000 cooks. That’s exactly how this double-sided cutting board came to be, and it’s outfitted with features many of those cooks craved.


Panasonic Any-Battery LED Flashlight

As the name suggests, this flashlight runs on just about any battery. Whether you power it with a D, C, AAA, or AAA, it will function just fine, so you never have to worry about running out of the specific battery it takes.


Amazon Fire TV Recast

The brand new Fire TV Recast allows you to watch and record live TV, meaning it’s, in essence, an over-the-air DVR. No more missing live sporting events or programming that isn’t immediately offered on demand.


Boxlock Smart Padlock

The world’s first “smart” padlock ensures all your deliveries are safe. Set it up on a safe box where any delivery person can leave the items you ordered, and you’ll never worry about getting home ASAP again.


BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

Making quality pizza at home requires the right equipment. A outdoor pizza oven is expensive; the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box is not.


Session Goods Bong

If you know someone who moved to a legal state because it’s a legal state, gift them the most sophisticated smoking apparatus we’ve ever seen. Clean, stylish, and functional, the Session Goods Bong is a winner.


LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Outfitted with a passenger ejector seat, revolving plate, wheel-mounted tire scythes, and more, this is not a child’s LEGO kit. Perfect for any Bond fan or LEGO fanatic.


Huckberry x Material The Iconics

Huckberry teamed with Material for a fresh take on the latter’s line of kitchen staples. Each tool is as sharp as it is functional, and all work together to transform a kitchen into a modern workspace.


Shinola Runwell Desk Clock

Speaking of simple, stylish sophistication. The Shinola Runwell Desk Clock takes the clean motif from the brand’s stand out timepieces and beefs it up for desktop display.


Caavo Control Center and Universal Remote

A voice-activated universal remote that takes over for all the remotes they have scattered about their coffee table.


U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable

While we know it’s on the pricier side, if you have a vinyl enthusiast on your list, we can’t think of a more stunning turntable to gift them. The U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable is as easy on the eyes as it is the ears.


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