Working man cannot survive on takeout Chinese alone. For the 9-to-5, you’ll need to pack a lunch, slam a coffee, and have snacks at the ready. Luckily, you’re no longer relegated to a brown bag with a sandwich and a pack of Herr’s. If you’re in the market for a new mug, some strong coffee, and something to carry your leftovers in, this is the guide for you.


L.L.Bean Heritage Softpack Cooler

You’re going to go broke buying lunch out every day. Instead, brown bag it in something that’s not a brown bag, something like this Heritage Softpack Cooler from L.L.Bean. Built from waxed polyester and leather, the cooler looks ready for a camping lodge, and its non-PVC liner keeps it from leaking, so you don’t have to worry about that questionable Tupperware.


Death Wish Nitro Brew

Some days, a standard cup of coffee won’t cut it. Maybe you were out late or just didn’t get enough sleep. Whatever the case, keep a few cans of Death Wish Nitro Brew in your office fridge and you’ll always be ready to ramp up productivity. Said to be made from the world’s strongest coffee, the nitro cold brew is smooth, tasty, and free of additives. That 9 a.m. meeting just got a little more manageable.


Ministry of Supply Going Places Blazer

PARTNER It’s time to say goodbye to that stiff suit that makes you so uncomfortable while you work. With Ministry of Supply’s Going Places Blazer, your jacket stretches and moves with you, so you’re not constantly adjusting and fidgeting all day long. Imagine actually feeling good at the office. Crazy, right? Not only that, the Going Places Blazer is abrasion resistant, water repellant, and it can be tossed in a washing machine when it gets dirty. It’s the daily jacket built for the modern man. Better still, you can use code coolmaterial17 for 15% off your first purchase until 11/30/17.


AARKE Premium Carbonator

As we’ve gotten older, we’ve ditched the sugary drinks in favor of water. Problem is, staying hydrated this way gets kinda boring. Enter the sparkling water maker, popularized by companies like SodaStream. Nothing against those guys, but this carbonator from AARKE just looks so damn good. Put it in your kitchen and bring in some bottles after you’ve transformed your lame water into exciting water, or be an office hero and put it in the break room. Either way we’re big fans of this guy and we think you will be too.


Copper Japanese Tea Strainer

There are tons of benefits to drinking tea and few beverages offer the gentle afternoon pick-me-up like a fresh mug. To make your own, consider this attractive Japanese Tea Strainer, which was made from traditional Japanese weaving techniques. Made in Kyoto, each is a slightly unique and incredibly good looking way to brew tea. Keep one on hand if you’re not the coffee type or if you just prefer the benefits of a few brewed leaves.


Ember Temperature Control Mug

Hot coffee is great. Cold brew is great. Hot coffee that slowly turns cold is horrific. Make that a thing of the past with the Ember Temperature Control Mug. You can control the temp through an app so your morning joe stays the precise temperature you want it at. You can also remain a bit disconnected and twist the bottom dial to adjust as well. No matter how you do it, it’s the perfect way to keep your coffee or tea just how you like it.


Stanley French Press

We love the classic hammertone green of a Stanley product. It immediately makes us think of the great outdoors and the smell of fresh air. That can be a good thing when you’re stuck in a cube. Luckily, you can wake up your sense and get a reminder of Mother Nature with the new Stanley French Press. Stainless steel construction that won’t rust. Naturally BPA-free. Vacuum insulation. It’s exactly what you want in a coffee maker.


Marlowe Lunch Bag

This is the adult version of the brown paper bag. Made in the USA out of waxed duck canvas, the Marlowe Lunch Bag is ready to transport a lifetime of lunches. It’s durable and attractive and worthy of a damn fine sandwich. Plus, an exterior pocket allows for notes from your mom. Awww.


La Colombe Triple Draft Latte

La Colombe changed the game with their canned lattes, each bursting with incredible flavor. All are worth trying but our favorite happens to be the Triple Draft Latte, which delivers three shots of espresso in one creamy, flavorful drink. Instead of drinking two and a half cups from the Keurig each morning, down a can of Triple Draft Latte and do your morning and taste buds right.


MAIKR mato Coffee Mug

The mato coffee mug is for those who take their beans seriously. Designed with principles normally applied to wine glasses, the mug from MAIKR allows for aeration and funnels aroma right to your nostrils. Love the smell of coffee? This mugs for you. It doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be attractive and available in three colors. Made from thick ceramic stoneware, the mato mug will keep coffee hot longer than that porcelain souvenir from your last trip.


Memobottle A5

Spending money on bottled water is a waste if your office has a water cooler. Instead get yourself a water bottle to keep at your desk so you stay hydrated. And since we’re not ones to accept lame design in any of our products, no matter how small, we recommend a bottle from memobottle. The A5 is the size of an A5 sheet of paper and looks good on your desk or tossed in your bag. Plus, that slim design makes it easier to carry around to meetings and on your travels.

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Unzip your coat and have some mulled wine on the house—you’ve arrived at your final gifting destination: The Holiday Gift Guide. It’s like your friendly neighborhood one-stop holiday shop, except instead of balsa wood ornaments, ours is packed with thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. Future heirlooms, small-but-significant stocking stuffers, and gear for getting out there (or staying in)—are all right here. There’s no music playing in the background though, so you’ll just have to hum Bing Crosby while you click around instead.

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