Giving a gift related to exercise is a tricky maneuver. You don’t want to send the wrong message, so it’s best to be sure the person you’re giving the gift to will sincerely appreciate it. Good news is, we all know someone who meal preps, exercises hard, and cares greatly about their health. Such a person would love anything from the list below.


FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle

Whether on the trail or just on the go, the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle is a do-it-all workhorse. It offers the hydration an athlete needs along with a small snack to keep them going.


Amabilis Dave Jr Duffel

Finally, a duffel as tough as the person using it. The Dave Jr is crafted from 18-ounce waterproof tarpaulin and armor-plated SuperFabric, meaning it’s ready for the demands of any adventurer.


Port Products Daily Essentials Travel Kit

[Partner]  Shaving shouldn’t be a drag. See smooth mornings and a fresh face with the Port Products Daily Essentials Travel Kit. Start with the Skin Renewing Face Scrub that preps the skin and lifts facial hair for a closer, ingrown-free shave. Then use the Face Saving Shave Formula that provides super slick, hydrating razor glide. Finish it off with the Balancing Daily Moisturizer that hydrates and soothes away redness and irritation. Your best shave yet starts here.


lululemon ABC Jogger

[Partner]  Designed to be worn anywhere and everywhere, these sleek joggers are perfect for travelling, getting to your workout, or relaxing at home. Built with lululemon’s famous ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering to give the boys comfort & support, these joggers will be sure to bring him joy this holiday season.


CBD Pain Relief Balm

Exercising hard will leave you sore. Deal with those minor inconveniences with this CBD Pain Relief Balm, which is crafted with CBD and an array of natural ingredients. Toss it in your workout bag and heal up fast.


Vollebak Planet Earth Hoodie

This is the hoodie you can wear anywhere, meaning it’s perfect for the gym or a run on a winter night. But that superior build doesn’t mean it isn’t exceedingly soft and comfortable. The Planet Earth Hoodie makes it feel like you’re working out in a cozy blanket.


The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

A foam roller is a pain to travel with. That is, of course, unless that foam roller is the Morph. The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller folds flat so you can toss it in a suitcase or a gym bag, allowing you to roll out those sore muscles wherever you go.


The Stack Helmet

Any cyclist needs a helmet. Why not a helmet that’s a bit easier to store when they’re not riding? That’s the idea behind The Stack Helmet, which collapses to fit in a bag or on a shelf.


The Load Trainer

For the serious athlete looking to take their trail work to another level, there’s The Load Trainer, a backpack-like device that holsters weights. Perfect for the masochist in your life.


Heritage Leather Boxing Gloves

Your standard Title gloves these are not. These gloves sport a motif that makes them look like they were pulled from Rocky Marciano’s hands.


Water Bottle Roller

A foam roller and water bottle in one, the Water Bottle Roller is a do-everything tool for the gym.


Getting Started in Road Cycling

If you have someone on your list looking for a new athletic challenge, consider gifting them Getting Started in Road Cycling. The book from Rapha offers advice on getting going on two wheels.


Magna Trail Sneakers

These trail shoes bring high performance and a street-friendly design together. That means they can go from dusty path to paved sidewalk with ease.

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