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A Rare Bottle of Jack Daniels From the 1940s Just Sold for $5,000

A Rare Bottle of Jack Daniels From the 1940s Just Sold for $5,000

We’re no stranger to the mystery and allure of vintage spirits. Bottles of Pappy Van Winkle or selections from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection are sure to fetch top dollar from whiskey enthusiasts. And a recent auction happened to feature some seriously impressive gems. Whisky.Auction hosted the sale of this illustrious collection which was made available from The Crobar, a bar in London’s Soho neighborhood that was owned by Richard “Crobar” Thomas that closed during the pandemic in 2020. There were some impressive options from the usual suspects like Pappy and Buffalo Trace but the true marvels were literally covered in dust.

The highlight from the collection was a rare 6-year-old Jack Daniel’s that was produced in the ’40s and has since been discontinued. The auction also featured a bottle of Four Roses four-year-old blended straight whiskey from the ’30s or ’40s when the distillery was owned by Seagrams. There was a vintage bottle of Beam’s Choice, an eight-year-old bourbon from ’60s which was made for the the Italian market. And one of the most interesting options was a pre-prohibition bottle of Old Charter bottled-in-bond that was distilled in 1917.

At the conclusion of this impressive auction the Jack Daniel’s sold for about $5,000 and the Four Roses blended whisky sold for $1,500.

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