Between finding places to park your Ferraris, planning another vacation, and deciding which high-end restaurant to eat at each night, having lots of money can be tough. Luckily, we’ve assembled a collection of gifts that will help alleviate some of your woes. These are the gifts you, as part of the 1%, should give this holiday season.


Devon Star Wars Watch

For the Star Wars fan with a naked wrist, Devon has crafted the perfect watch. Complete with TIE Fighter stand, the company’s Star Wars timepiece is accented with tiny nods to the films. And since the world will still be recovering from the release of The Force Awakens this holiday, the timing couldn’t be better.


WohnGeist Tool Set

When you give a tool set to the guy who has an entire staff at the ready to fix problems with his house, it better be one he can at least put on display. Luckily, that’s exactly what this WohnGeist Tool Set is. And since they’ll never touch it, it will stay in pristine condition.


Malle W. Trousseau Kitchen Set

You could get all the pans, pots, and utensils you need from Amazon for under $200—but that would be boring. This holiday, give a special kitchen set. The Malle W. Trousseau Kitchen Set includes 43 items, all of which have designed for use and style.


Used DeLorean

This year, DeLoreans—and all things Back to the Future, for that matter—were hot. So why leave that special someone staring at a model on their desk. With a whole site dedicated to old DeLoreans for sale, finding one is easy.


Cocoon Cabin

A house is a strange gift. A Cocoon Cabin, however, is not. The stylish little abode is outfitted with one bedroom and all the appliances and furniture one could need. Perfect when they need a little time away from their three houses.


Aerigon Drone

If you’re going to give them a drone, give them the best of the best. The Aerigon is a professional drone purpose-built to carry cameras and devices. Perfect for filming their epic pool parties.


The Hot Tub Boat

Duh, of course they already have a hot tub—but do they have one that can be taken out to sea? The Hot Tub Boat finally solves the problem of boring, stationary hot tubs.


Leica S

No Leica is cheap, but the S is exceptionally not cheap. However, for a cool $23k, you’ll be giving one of the most impressive medium format DSLRs ever made. The camera delivers unbelievably detailed photographs, the ability to record 4K video in Super 35 format, and other performance elements that can’t be matched.


The Orphan Barrel Project Collection

The Orphan Barrel Project finds rare whiskey sitting in dusty distilleries and brings it to your parched lips—for a price. While anyone would be happy with one of their bottles, the 1% demand more. Luckily, Neiman Marcus has 24 bottles of The Orphan Barrel Project’s exceptionally rare whiskies for sale.


The Professional Microbrewery

The 1% shouldn’t be homebrewing with carved up Igloo coolers; they should be brewing on this setup. The Professional Microbrewery features a computer system to help take the guesswork out of brewing. It will help them craft their own hoppy monster at home.

Copy of 600_200

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