Not every holiday gift has to be a big ticket item. In fact, most probably shouldn’t be. But small and affordable doesn’t have to mean boring and forgettable. Here’s a collection of our favorite stocking stuffers, each of which costs $10 or less.


Hoodie/Sweatshirt Survival Laces

Let them replace that boring hoodie string with something a bit more useful. These Hoodie/Sweatshirt Laces hide a ferrocerium rod on one end and tinder on the other. If emergency strikes, they can use it to start a fire. What other hoodie can do that?


Sons of Liberty Playing Cards

This Sons of Liberty was a secret society formed to protect the rights of the colonists in 1765. This sharp deck of cards from Dan and Dave is an ode to those men. And while the historical aspect of the cards is cool, we really dig them for their stunning design.


Stainless Steel Sharpie

Every junk drawer needs a Sharpie, but that Sharpie doesn’t have to look like junk. This stainless steel version is an elevated take on the iconic marker.


Side Project Pho Beef Jerky

Yes, Pho Beef Jerky. Just trust us. Actually, trust Side Project Jerky, a Philly-based company that offers well-bred, well-fed, tasteful beef jerky in interesting flavors. The best of those interesting flavors? Pho.


Military Hudsalve

This is far more than your average lip balm. Created in the mid-1900s for the Swedish military, this hudsalve not only moistens lips, it helps repair cracked skin, conditions leather boots, protects wounds, soothes dog paws, and more. Skip the flavored ChapStick and give him this.


Momofuku Ssӓm Sauce

For the spicy fan who puts sriracha on everything, give them a new condiment of choice. Ssӓm Sauce is a rich, flavorful sauce that packs just enough heat to satisfy their spicy tooth.


East Surf Wax

If that person on your list is waiting for the cold to break so they can get on some more waves, East Surf Company’s hand-poured, organic surf wax is perfect for their stocking. Made by hand and shaped for an easy grip, the wax is easy to spread and offers a hold that’s long-lasting.


Ebbets Field Flannels Cuban League Pin Set

Even if you don’t want to spend the cash on an Ebbets Field cap or jersey, you can still give someone a bit of the brand’s old-school baseball aesthetic. This pin set can help them personalize their denim jacket. Each 1” pin features the logo of a squad from the Cuban League.


Book of Things Better Than Boobs

As you might expect, this book is blank. It’s a gag gift, but one they can use as a notebook after they get the joke. Of course, all they’ll do is fill it up with lies.


The Pocket Comb Made From a Surfboard

This simple, colorful pocket comb is far more interesting than that plastic black number they’re used to. This one is made in California from the fin of an old surfboard. Also, it just happens to look good.

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Unzip your coat and have some mulled wine on the house—you’ve arrived at your final gifting destination: The Holiday Gift Guide. It’s like your friendly neighborhood one-stop holiday shop, except instead of balsa wood ornaments, ours is packed with thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. Future heirlooms, small-but-significant stocking stuffers, and gear for getting out there (or staying in)—are all right here. There’s no music playing in the background though, so you’ll just have to hum Bing Crosby while you click around instead.

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