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This has been the summer of pizza. Whether you’re farming tomatoes and greens in your garden and firing up the Ooni oven, or you’re just ordering takeout from your favorite spot, nothing beats pizza on a late summer night. Don’t know where to start? Pre-order yourself the Joy of Pizza a guide to making top-notch pizza from Dan Richer. Richer’s Jersey City restaurant Razza is renowned for its pizza and the chef/restaurateur has penned his own guide to whipping up incredible pizza at home. What makes this book so compelling and perfect for beginners is that Richer starts with the basics. Perfect your own pizza dough, sauce, and cheese selection before combining them all into creative concoctions. “Pizza is the product of making choices,” Razza writes. Before jumping headlong into the process, nail your ingredients and get yourself the right tools. Once you’re ready, Razza provides step-by-step instructions along with helpful illustrations and QR codes throughout the book for video guides. You’ll learn how to assess your cheese, measure your cooking temperatures, make your own sourdough, and much more. The Joy of Pizza is beautifully photographed and offers useful tips for beginners and advanced skills for pizza pros. You can pre-order the book, written by Richer and Katie Parla, now with a publish date of November 9, 2021.


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