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For the better part of three decades, Robert Stilin has been a renowned designer known for the strong, clean and masculine interiors he’s been creating across New York and the Hamptons. Stilin’s genius has been distilled into Robert Stilin: Interiors, a new hardcover book produced in partnership with Vendome that will be released later this fall. The 320 page tome measures 10″ x 12″ and includes 250 different color illustrations that tackle Stilin’s projects ranging from city townhouses and apartments, to lofts, beach houses and country abodes. As they say, “whether the architecture is traditional or ultramodern, Stilin’s interiors exude a casual, comfortable elegance that he expertly tailors to the specific needs and taste of each client.” We’d honestly be happy to live in any of the spaces he’s created, but in the meantime, we’ll be dreaming about what we can create in our own homes that exudes his principles. Interiors will be released on October 8th.


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