Initially the automobile existed as a novelty that grew not only to be a necessity but a symbol of freedom. Cars have constantly evolved to match not only the needs of the people driving them, but their style, strength and sexuality. 20th Century Classic Cars: 100 Years of Automotive Ads gives us a close look at over 400 print ads illustrating the styles of each era from the economical Beetle to the monstrous Hummer.


There are few watches with as storied a legacy as the G-SHOCK. Originally released in 1983, the Shock Resistant and 200M Water Resistant watch has remained relevant to this day. It just got even better with the release of the first full-metal addition to the continually evolving 2100 line. This model retains the original streamlined, minimalist design while being even more sleek, durable and feature-packed. With Tough Solar Power, Smartphone Link and Super Illuminator, it’s an analog watch built for the digital age. The G-SHOCK GBD2100 is available in silver, black IP and Bronze IP colorways, so there’s a stylish version for every occasion.