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You Can Buy a Submersible Yacht for a Cool $3 Billion


Dive into the lap of luxury with the Migaloo M5 Submersible Yacht, a game-changer for thrill-seeking billionaires. This 541-foot marvel isn’t just a superyacht; it’s the world’s first luxury super submarine, designed to elevate your aquatic adventures to unprecedented levels. Accommodating up to 20 passengers and pampered by a crew of 40, the M5 redefines opulence beneath the waves.

Step aboard to discover a floating paradise equipped with two pools, a jacuzzi, a cinema, and even a wine cellar for those underwater celebrations. The 36-seat glazed dining room offers panoramic views of the ocean, turning every meal into a cinematic experience. With a top speed of 20 knots on the surface and 12 knots submerged, the M5 ensures a seamless transition between worlds. Dive deep with custom Midget-Submarines, submersibles, and a fleet of ROVs and UUVs, unlocking a realm of underwater exploration. And when anchored, let loose with a garage full of water toys, including jet skis, hoverboards, kayaks, and paddle boards – ensuring your aquatic playground is as vast as your sense of adventure.