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KTM XBow GTX Race Car

KTM XBow GTX Race Car

KTM, the motorcycle company, has made the Xbow track car for years, and now they’re breaking out the big guns with the Xbow GTX, a GT2-class race car that will go up against the likes of Porsche and Audi. While that’s ambitious, the GTX has the guts for it. Power comes from an Audi-sourced five-cylinder engine from the RS3 super sports sedan. But instead of the RS3’s 394 horsepower, the GTX’s gets dialed up to an even 600, combined with 2,200-lb weight. The carbon fiber body and aggressive aero and downforce should make the GTX taut in the turns and speedy on the straightaways. It will hit the tarmac in a handful of races this year to prove its mettle, and only 20 of them will be made this year with an eye on track-only versions for the wealthy after that.

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