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BRABUS Shadow 1200 Black Ops Signature Edition Boat


BRABUS, the German powerhouse renowned for pushing boundaries in design and performance, has just unleashed its most formidable marine creation to date – the Shadow 1200 XC Cross Cabin Black Ops Signature Edition. A true beast on the water, this 45-foot superboat boasts an awe-inspiring 1,200hp generated by three 5.7L V10 Mercury Racing engines, propelling it to a jaw-dropping 102 knots (118mph). The Shadow 1200 XC is not just about power; it’s a luxurious marvel featuring Graphite Black exterior paint, Signature Style graphics, and black chrome badges, giving it the stealthy allure of a true Black Ops edition.

Inside, the opulence continues with Graphite Black leather upholstery, adorned with BRABUS’ signature piping and stitching. Carbon fiber accents enhance the front cabin, while carbon fiber backrests add a touch of sophistication to the front seats. The driving experience is nothing short of lavish, equipped with an infotainment media wall, wetbar, electric grills, and even a barbecue setup. Technological prowess abounds with Simrad navigational touchscreen displays and Mercury’s JPO (Joystick Piloting for Outboards) joystick steering, including Skyhook and Mercury autopilot features. For those seeking the epitome of aquatic luxury and performance, the Shadow 1200 XC is a masterpiece available for acquisition on the BRABUS website.