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BMW Concept i4 Electric Sedan

BMW Concept i4 Electric Sedan

We now know a lot more about BMW’s efforts at an all-electric sedan. The i4 Concept is bold, futuristic, and efficient, but it won’t get the once-purported 400-mile range. Instead, it will deliver an EPA-estimated range of 270 miles from an 80kWh battery pack. While that’s no Tesla-fighter in terms of single-charge range, it’s still very impressive and should eliminate most folks’ range anxiety for daily use. The i4 Concept is potent, for sure, with 390kW/530 horsepower that will allow it to rocket to 60 mph in about four seconds, or faster than most sports cars. The performance and range are more than palatable, but the enormous kidney grille is polarizing (“I like big teeth, and I cannot lie!”). The rest of the body is very BMW including the sloping greenhouse, the profile, and the Hofmeister kink at the rear side glass frame. The cabin is truly futuristic with a BMW i8-inspired cockpit, an all-glass roof, a huge curved screen, beautiful mixed materials, and massive amounts of airiness. The i4 is getting closer to actual production, and this is the closest example we’ve seen to a workable product, and it’s pretty exciting.

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