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Supersmash Ping-Pong Paddles Are Part Art Piece, Part Rec-Room Fun

The coolest table-tennis gear you'll ever see.


Supersmash is on a mission to give your rec room a much needed visual upgrade by creating the most unique ping-pong paddles I’ve ever seen. Friends and graphic designers, Ramon Valle and Frédéric Savioz, were playing lots of ping-pong in parks and bars across Berlin and Geneva when they came up with an idea: What if there were a way to create paddles that actually looked good? While most paddle manufacturers are solely concerned about technical quality, Supersmash is just as concerned with visual aesthetics.

Each of the 20-plus unique paddles tells a story. Supersmash collaborates with artists from all over the world to design functional table-tennis paddles that double as art pieces. Some of my favorites include a cheeky paddle from L.A.-based Sebastian Ariel Curi that’s one part luck and one part sass, and this seductive minimalist work by Malika Favre. I find Hofmann to be almost hypnotizing—distracting your opponent as you race your way to victory.

In addition to their design upgrade, Supersmash paddles are handmade with the highest-quality materials, like rosewood and spruce, resulting in a heavier, more durable paddle. Each paddle is designed in Berlin, and the wood is handpicked to match the hues and tints of the artist’s design. Not only will your Supersmash paddle stand the test of time, it’ll make a great art display in your game room.

With a paddle for every player, Supersmash encourages you to embrace a sense of whimsy and fun while you play.